Striptease as a form of art

hy is Striptease an Art Form? Erotic Dance to Seduce your partner! Have you ever performed or attended a striptease?

ADULT BLOGstriptease an art form
striptease an art form

Striptease is an ancient form of dance that dates back to the XIX century. Its name however was created in 1932. This is a dance where the performer undresses in a sensual and seductive way. It is not an accident that stipteases are often part of bachelors parties. Striptease can be performed by men and women, usually in dedicated establishments or by luxury escorts that can meet you at your place.

The preferred sexual toys of the Portuguese

Which are the preferred sexual toys of the Portuguese? Here we present a list of the most popular Sex Toys of the Portuguese! Have you tried them yet?

ADULT BLOGsexual toys
sexual toys

Sexual toys are a way to maintain the sexual spark between partners and increase the pleasure when alone. However, in spite of the evolution in the last years many Portuguese still consider the theme a taboo and find it hard to talk about. The question remains: don't the Portuguese buy sexual toys? Of course they do! There are many Portuguese that have already embraced this form to enhance sexual pleasure. This article is about the preferred sexual toys in Portugal. If you haven't yet tried any, buy one and experiment.

5 Pleasure enhancing erotic products

Find the erotic products to reach orgasm and enhance pleasure during sex!

ADULT BLOGerotic products
erotic products

The daily routine pays its toll and sometimes promotes sexual detachment between the partners in a relationship, resulting in less intimacy. This lack of interest may reach high levels and become an obstacle that may lead to greater difficulties. There are, however, ways to maintain the sexual interest with your partner. You just need a few erotic products to spice up the mood. These products are, sometimes, perceived as subtitutes but they must be thought of as complements that will help the relationship. If you do not know the products to use, don't worry. We created a list with the 5 most commonly used and more pleasure enhancing products. Try them out and tell us of your experience.

5 tips to enjoy the Porto nightlife?

Do you want to know where to go at night on Porto? Portal Privado has prepared a list of fashionable, chic, casual and nice to enjoy the Porto nightlife!

ADULT BLOGPorto nightlife
Porto nightlife

Night is comming and you want to enjoy it in the city of Porto but do not know where to go? There are several ways to enjoy Porto by night, both alone and with a party of friends and more intimate people. The choices will depend on the intimacy level you want for the night; it ranges from a Port Wine tasting with a view over the Douro River, to exploring the night with a luxury escort. Here are 5 suggestions for you to explore the nightlife in Porto.

Strip Club in Porto: Top 5

Find our selection of the Top 5 Strip Clubs in Porto

ADULT BLOGStrip Club Porto
Strip Club Porto

Would you like to change your routine and explore the Porto by night? Why not go to a strip club? There are some strip clubs you must visit. To help you with your choice we provide a guide to some of the best strip clubs of the city. Some are in the Porto downtown and some further away making them more difficult to visit if you are not driving a car.

Top 10 Strip Clubs in Lisbon

Where to find the best Strip Clubs

ADULT BLOGStrip Club Lisbon
Strip Club Lisbon

Strip Clubs often generate mixed feeling on the visitors: the will to experiment and the shame to enter for the first time. These are places that welcome the visitors in an exquisite environment filled with erotism, offering a sensual atmosphere both to male and female visitors. Lisbon is one of the places where you can find some of the best Strip Clubs, with a vast offer - hence creating a difficult choice. As such, here are some of the best Strip Clubs in Lisbon, to visit either for fun or to enjoy situations like bachelor's parties. Visit the places and experiment their sensual environment.

How to organize a great bachelors party in Lisbon

Follow some of the steps bellow and enjoy the best bachelors party you ever imagined

ADULT BLOGorganize great bachelors party Lisbon
organize great bachelors party Lisbon

Bachelors parties are an important event in the life of any man or woman. Its a moment to indulge in luxury and usually some sensuality, encompassing artistic cakes, sensual photos and a stripper or escort to farewell the last bachelors moments. It is a rite of passage and requires preparation. Lisbon has many places to enhance your bachelors party.

Nightlife in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the places with the most vibrant nightlife in Portugal.

ADULT BLOGnightlife Lisbon
nightlife Lisbon

The nightlife in Lisbon has a wide variety of options, pleasing everybody. This Portuguese bustling town provides an excellent opportunity to meet new people and have fun. Lisbon has an extensive nightlife entertainment offer. To help you with your choices, here are some of the places that you must visit.

The Sexual Fantasies of the Portuguese

Get to know the six most common sexual fantasies of the Portuguese

ADULT BLOGSexual Fantasies
Sexual Fantasies

Did you ever think of doing something unexpected and different with or without your partner? Did you feel ashamed to speak it out? This is a common behavior. Some Portuguese however talked to us about their biggest sexual fantasies.