Nightlife in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the places with the most vibrant nightlife in Portugal.

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nightlife Lisbon

The nightlife in Lisbon has a wide variety of options, pleasing everybody. This Portuguese bustling town provides an excellent opportunity to meet new people and have fun. Lisbon has an extensive nightlife entertainment offer. To help you with your choices, here are some of the places that you must visit.

1. Discoteca Lux

Discoteca Lux is located in the Santa Apolónia area. It is a Disco and a Pub where you can hangout with your friends late into the night. Discoteca Lux holds several concerts throughout the year. To know about the forthcoming events at this Disco, please visit its facebook page or website.

2. Discoteca Trumps

This Disco is know to be welcoming to members of the LGBT community. Here all can mingle and party with no problems and with one sole purpose in mind: to enjoy the night and the nightlife in Lisbon. Trumps is undoubtedly a place to experiment with your friends.

3. Ministerium Club

This Disco located on the Lisbon downtown offers a wide range of musical esperiences. Saturdays are mostly for electronic music. The place has sofas and chairs so you can also enjoy quieter moments with your friends.

4. K Urban Beach

The K Urban Beach is for those who want to enjoy Lisbon's nightlife to the fullest! It is composed of a restaurant, several bars and a large disco with different rooms/ stages. It also has a very pleasant outdoor area. Plan to arrive early to make sure you will be able to visit the K Urban Beach.

5. Vicking

Vicking is a female striptease club. It is one of the most famous strip clubs in Lisbon and offers shows every hour. Vicking is definitelly a place to visit.

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