The Sexual Fantasies of the Portuguese

Get to know the six most common sexual fantasies of the Portuguese

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Sexual Fantasies

Did you ever think of doing something unexpected and different with or without your partner? Did you feel ashamed to speak it out? This is a common behavior. Some Portuguese however talked to us about their biggest sexual fantasies.

Get to know the six most common sexual fantasies of the Portuguese and let us know if any of them has ever occurred to you.

1. Sex envolving a third party

The famous 'ménage à trois' is one of the most common fantasies of the Portuguese. It is, very simply put, having sex with two other people. Those who have experimented speak very highly of the experience. Did you ever do it or thought about it?

2. Masochism

Masochism is a sexual fantasy that became better known after the famous film 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. Masochism is a form of feeling pleasure through pain - or in imagining pain. Verbal humiliation is also a form of masochism.

3. Sadism

Also depicted in 'Fifty Sahdes of Grey' is the fantasy of sadism. While masochism consists in feeling pleasure through pain, sadism is its couterpart - feeling pleasure inflicting pain or humiliation. To inflict this the partner can tie up, blindfold, hit, pinch, among other more agressive behaviours. Rules must be set on a relation with a sadist. Do not practice this without knowing it a little better.

3. Voyeurism

This term has recently emerged as more common but it is still considered a taboo by many people. People that have practiced voyeurism say that it enhances the pleasure, so it is gradually becoming one of the Portugueses choices. Put simply, voyeurism is a sexual fantasy that consists in observing other people having sex. It offers pleasure to the observer and to thos beeing observed.

4. Swing

Swing or couples exchange is, among the favourite sexual fantasies of the Portuguese, one of the less exercised. There are many reasons that tend to obstruct this practice.

5. Fetichism

Fetichism consists in feeling sexual pleasure for particular parts of the partners bodyparts (like feet) or specific behaviors. It is a fairly common practice among the Portuguese.

6. Sex with a stranger

This is one of the most common fantasies of the Portuguese and there are several places where this fantasy can come true in safety. One of the ways to try to do this is to contact a luxury escort, for instance at PortalPrivado and arrange for a loose date, talk about your fantasies and... who knows what can happen.

If you ever considered any of these sexual fantasies, maybe this is the right time to act.