Top 10 Strip Clubs in Lisbon

Where to find the best Strip Clubs

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Strip Club Lisbon

Strip Clubs often generate mixed feeling on the visitors: the will to experiment and the shame to enter for the first time. These are places that welcome the visitors in an exquisite environment filled with erotism, offering a sensual atmosphere both to male and female visitors. Lisbon is one of the places where you can find some of the best Strip Clubs, with a vast offer - hence creating a difficult choice. As such, here are some of the best Strip Clubs in Lisbon, to visit either for fun or to enjoy situations like bachelor's parties. Visit the places and experiment their sensual environment.

1. Passerelle

Passerelle is one of the most famous strip clubs of Lisbon. It offers both male and female striptease. The club's environment is sensual for men and women. Located at Campo Grande, the Passerelle is also a restaurant that you can enjoy with friends or on your bachelor's party. Before making arrangements with your friends, check to see whether male or female striptease is taking place on the planned date.

2. Body Club

With an erotic athmosphere the Body Club is an incredibly sensual and highly sophisticated strip club. The shady environment offers an unique experience consistent with what should be expected in such a place. The Body Club is one of the most visited strip clubs in Lisbon. Book your visit or simply show up at this female strip club.

3. Vicking

The Strip Club Vicking is one Lisbons female strip clubs. It has a great feature - the Vicking presents shows every hour. It is a must-see in Lisbon.

4. Impossível Strip Club

The Impossível Strip Club is located in Cascais, near Lisbon. It is one of the most popular clubs in Portugal - it even has its own, dedicated tourism. The ambience of this Cascais club offers comfort and sensuality, allowing for a special feeling when compared to other strip clubs.

5. Ménage Strip Club

With warrented high heels, the Ménage Strip Club will provide unique sensations with every show. This club will offer an environment of lust to enjoy either alone or with your group of friends.

6. Gallery Lounge

Are you ready for an incredible show in Lisbon? The Gallery Lounge will offer you the best drinks and an environment of sensuality and lust. Here you can find the best strip shows combined with the best strip music. Get together with your friends at the Gallery Lounge.

7. DIVA Show Bar

Think big and experiment the DIVA Show Bar, where art and seduction go hand in hand. The place encompasses sofas, offering the necessary comfort, complemented with the special lighting, that helps create the mistery setting increasing sensuality. As announced by the strip club itself, in its website, here your fantasies become reality.

8. O Malhoa - Boutique do Álcool

Located in Portugal's Capital, this Strip Club offers daily striptease shows in an exquisite and sensual environment. O Malhoa - Boutique do Álcool provides incredible moments from 9:00pm to 4:00am.

9. Escala Club

The Escala Club is open from 9:30pm to 4:00am. With the classic strip club visual this club offers incredible shows with great backgroud music. Ask for your drink and enjoy the moment.

10. Diamantes e Pérolas

Last but not least, the Diamantes e Pérolas is a strip club that works all week. It is large space with mirrors everywhere that create a special erotic ambiance. It is impossible not to like this incredible club.

Try out the ten strip clubs mentioned above and tell us of your experience. However, if you are looking for a more personalized alternative, experiment luxury escorts.