• Advertise as a luxury escort

Phone: 962 588 906

E-mail: portalprivado.com@gmail.com

• Is PortalPrivado.com an agency?

PortalPrivado.com is not an agency, it is a personal ads website.

• Who will answer the phone on my ad?

All the Escorts are contacted directly to their phone number and are responsible for their own ads.

• Is it worthwhile to place an ad at PortalPrivado.com?

PortalPrivado.com is the leader Luxury Escorts website in Portugal with more than 13 years of uninterrupted presence in Portugal.

• What is the minimum advertising age?

If you are not over 18, please do not contact us. The presentation of an official ID document is mandatory.

• Can anyone (over 18) place an ad?

We only publish ads of female models and we are very selective. PortalPrivado.com is a very exclusive website. On average, only about 30% of the candidate models are accepted.

• Can I use photos shot with another photographer?

We only work with photos shot by our photographer.

• How can I book a photo shoot?

To place an ad at PortalPrivado.com, please contact us by e-mail portalprivado.com@gmail.com or by phone +351 962 588 906 to book a photo shoot.

• Can I use the pictures for any other means?

The pictures and movies are for exclusive use at PortalPrivado.com

• How long is an ad at PortalPrivado.com?

The ads last 30 consecutive days and can be successively renewed.

• Can I have my ad removed before the 30 days are over?

Yes, you can hide your ad at any time.

• Is the video mandatory?

Yes, the video is mandatory; it is an integral part of all our sessions.

• Where is the PortalPrivado.com studio?

Our studio is in Lisbon.

• Can I have my photo shot out of the studio?

Yes. However, the first session always takes place at our studio.

• I have tatoos and identifying marks; can I have them removed from the pictures?

Yes, we can remove identifying marks and tattoos from the pictures.

• Must I show my face in the ad?

No. Face disclosure is your choice.

• Must all photo shoots have explicit images?

Yes. Explicit integral nude is an integral part of PortalPrivado.com’s sessions. However, those pictures are on the private part of the website.

Contacts for advertise as a luxury escort

To contact PortalPrivado.com please use our:

E-mail: portalprivado.com@gmail.com

Phone: 962 588 906 (to book your photo session)

PLEASE NOTE: to contact the Escorts, please use their phone number which is presented on each individual ad.