• How does Portalprivado.com works?

We are a personal ads website where the Luxury Escorts working in Portugal can divulge their services to be contacted directly. We do not operate as an agency and, therefore, do not intermediate contacts. To contact the Escorts, please use their phone number which is presented on each individual ad (i.e. to organize a bachelors party).

• Are the pictures real?

Yes, all the photos and videos are real, shot by PortalPrivado.com’s professional photographer on our studio or an external environment.

• Are the photos treated by digital means?

Yes. Our photos are treated only to remove/ hide tattoos and/or identifying marks bat the model’s request.

• Which are the paid contents?

The user may pay to view each models bolder pictures, the video, the poster or the Best Of.

• What is the Best Of?

The Best Of is a selection of 10 exclusive pictures from other photo shoots of the model.

• How can I have access to the paid contents?

Access to each paid content is granted through a phone call to the number 760306900 (according to the instructions presented on the screen).

• How are those calls detailed on my phone bill?

The payment is 100% safe and confidential and is listed only as “Serviço Interactivo” (Interactive Service).

• What is the price of each paid content?

Each call has a fixed price of 0,60 eur + VAT.

• How to organize a great bachelors party in Lisbon?

See How to organize a great bachelors party

If you are a Luxury Escort working in Portugal and wish to find information on how to advertise your services or if you want to book a photo session, please refer to the How to advertise as a luxury escort